6 Natural Testosterone Boosters


If you want to be healthy as you AGE, you have to read this!

Low testosterone levels will wreck havoc on your strength, fitness and fat loss efforts. It will also destroy your libido and essentially make a lesser man out of the most He-Man, John Wayne, or Russell-like men! You won’t look like the men to the left, but you’ll feel that good, for sure.

Waking up at 5 am to without a good nights sleep, is NOT a great recipe for building strength, vitality and high testosterone levels. Healthy men try to maintain an anabolic environment for lean tissue to grow and for keeping your wife happy.

Here are 6 Tips for making the male, a roaring tiger, and overflowing with male s*e*x hormones and muscle building juices like a young man in high school:

1. Get Adequate Rest - Your body is designed to release anabolic hormones such as testosterone, growth hormone and DHEA as the sun sets. Our creator decided that when the sun went down men would be best served by settling down and repairing damaged tissue at night time. Today people like me stay up way later than they ever intended and as a result, suffer from a lack of anabolic and s*e*x hormones. Try to get to bed no later than 10:30 pm and wake NO earlier than 6:30am.

2. Breathe - “Babies breathe from the belly, dying men breath from the neck.” Basically the deeper, more methodical your breathing - the more vitality you’ll experience. Deep breathing is meant by breathing into your belly or what Taoists call, your Tan Tien (meaning Red Field)… a point about 4 inches below your belly button.

3. Combat Stickin’ Thinkin’ - Everyone has STRESS. Everyone! You do and I do. But the difference between the type of stress experience between one man and the next is the way you THINK about yourself and the way you PERCIVE the stressors in your life. For example, my friend Joe is a Navy Seal - if he and I were sitting in a restaurant and a psycho walks in with an AK47 demanding that everyone “Get Down And Hold Your Wallets In The Air.”, Joe’s gut response would be to look for a way to disarm this guy as quickly as possible. My response would be to begin sucking my thumb. - Same stressor, but different reaction. He remains cool, calm, collected, and ANABOLIC.

4. Drink Up! - Dehydration makes you sick, sad, stupid, older inside and outside, plus possibly depressed. I can go on and on about the damages of dehydration but for the purpose of this post, just know that it will drastically reduce your testosterone level. Here’s what you need to do: Drink 1/2 your lean body weight in oz. of water daily, preferably from a clean, natural artisan source or a good pH water.

5. Eat like a Man - This crap you eat is making you soft! This crap you eat is making you soft! There I said it again. Yep- processed, devitalized and heavily sprayed “foods” cause a massive drop in testosterone level. Did you know… that the pesticides used to prevent insects from devouring crops are designed to sterilize the male insects, by the use of estrogenic hormones within the pesticides. And then you eat this stuff and wonder why you can’t have children, why your organ won’t work, and why you are growing glands on your chest like a woman?

6. Homeopathic Testosterone Cream - “This is the best way to help restore the testosterone that you consider unimportant, fast and easily. Get yours at the front desk today. It’s a cream, so it’s easy to use.


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People always lament that the tasty things are the worst things for our health–case in point: French fries. But how about pecans? Yum! Pecans have shown to significantly lower LDL cholesterol and increase HDL. Frequent consumption of nuts is associated with a lowered risk of sudden cardiac death and other coronary heart disease, as well as a lower risk of Type II diabetes in women.

These kinda look like they are coated...we are talking fresh out of the shell! ;-)
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